Abyssinian Standart
Scale of Points
Recognized Colour Varieties

Abyssinian Standart

Category III - ABY
Shape wedge shaped, of medium proportions, wide at the top; the contours are soft and graceful
Nose medium long
in profile the head shows a soft curve, with neither a stop nor a straight nose
Chin firm and well developed
Muzzle not sharply pointed
a shallow indentation forming the muzzle is desirable, but a pinch is a fault
Shape relatively large, broad at the base; slightly rounded at the tips with a thumb print and tufts of hair at the tips are desirable
Placement set well apart and pricked
Shape large, almond in shape and set well apart
Colour brilliant and expressive; amber, green or yellow; pure, clear and intense colour; outlined with the colour of the ticking
Neck graceful
Tail fairly long and tapering; broad at the base
Structure medium built, medium long; firm, lithe and muscular, having a firm feeling
Structure short, fine and close, lying flat
Colour 2 or 3 bands of colour on each hair with dark tips for preference. For colour varieties refer to the following tables
Remarks white is tolerated on the chin and the nostrils
Head too deep stop too much marking on the face
Ears small or pointed ears
Eyes round eyes unclear eye colour absence of outline around eyes
Body cobby appearance
Tail rings on tail
Coat cold or sandy tone in colour ghost markings or other tabby markings on the body and legs
Faults precluding the certificate
Head Siamese type round head
Legs bars on all four legs
Tail whip tail
Coat grey or too dark or too light undercoat
too little or lack of ticking in parts of coat where desired
unbroken necklaces
markings on belly and chest
white locket
white extending onto the chest


Scale of Points
Head - general shape, nose, jaws and teeth, forehead, placement and shape of the ears - 15
Eyes - shape and colour - 10
Body - shape, size, bone structure, height of the legs, shape of the paws, shape and length of tail - 20
Coat - body colour 25 (ticking - 15, texture 10)
Condition - 5


Recognized Colour Varieties
Coat colour body colour: as described in the General Part, with darker ticking according to the corresponding colour varieties
ground colour: as described in the General Part
underside of the body, chest and innersides of the legs uniformly coloured with the ground colour, harmonizing with the upper parts of the body, without any ticking, bars, necklaces or markings on stomach or belly
darker shading along the spine
white or off-white is only permitted above the lips, beside the nostrils and down the chin as long as it does not extend to the chest
the tips of the ears are in the same colour as the ticking
the back of the hind feet is dark, hairtufts between the toes are in the same colour as the ticking
the colour of the tail is an extension of the darker shading along the spine and ends in a solid dark tip, coloured with the colour of the ticking, without any rings
Remarks all remarks and faults described in the General Part also apply
Colour EMS Code *Remarks
Ruddy/Blue/Sorrel/Beige-fawn ABY n/a/o/p
Ruddy/Blue/Sorrel/Beige-fawn silver ABY n/a/o/p s A

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